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You, Too, Can Help with the Óðinshof Food Pantry!

With the wild inflation recently felt by all, the February Food Pantry got much of our attention at Odinshof this month.  My husband and AFA Founder, Steve McNallen, and I filled our two vehicles at the charity that provides staple goods for our food giveaway. Several hours later, we had not just delivered food to Brownsville but had filled thirty-six overflowing bags of groceries, ready for Saturday morning.

The Pre-Spring Day was perfect. As we set up tables with the help of Odinshof volunteers, the first car pulled in. This was a new family for us. The fellow quickly got out of the car and asked how he could help. The answer was simple: help carry bags. With his help, we were done in no time. After a round of hearty handshakes, he returned to his car and gave a big wave as he drove off. As always, people instinctively feel the warm nature of Odinshof when they pull into the driveway. We never let them down.

Since April, I've built a strong bond with our food source's CEO and his warehouse manager. We still shine in their eyes, no matter what they've heard, because they know us for who we are. Always, we are our deeds. If you'd like to help us maintain this relationship, we wish to give back to the IFM in the form of a modest cash donation each month.

To help out, you can use the Odinshof Donation link on our website. (Scroll down the page.) Please add a note that it's for the Food Pantry.

If you can do a monthly donation, write to me, Sheila McNallen. We'll set it up over a phone call using the AFA's payment plan.

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Άγνωστο μέλος
07 Μαρ 2022

Hail Odinshof and their hard work they put into their community.

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