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8408 La Porte Rd

Brownsville, CA 95919

EVENTS Every 3rd Saturday at Óðinshof !
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Óðinshof District encompasses Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Australia, and New Zealand.

Since the modern resurgence of Asatru in the 1960s, there has always been a dream to have a Hof. Reading publications from those early times, all the way up through the 1990s and early 2000s, a Hof was “right around the corner”.  In 2015, the dream of a Hof, a real and recognizable Asatru house of worship, was finally realized for the first time in the Western Hemisphere and for the first time in 1000 years anywhere.  In 2015, Óðinshof became the first Hof of the Asatru Folk Assembly.  Óðinshof was made possible and continues to be possible with the love, hard work, and generosity of dedicated AFA members and friends around the world.

The Asatru Folk Assembly started in Northern California and for the majority of our existence, Northern California was the center of AFA Activity.  Our annual Midsummer at Óðinshof continues to set AFA attendance records (152 in 2021!).  In addition to monthly rituals and celebrations, Óðinshof has witnessed countless Baby Namings and Weddings.  In 2020 we begin interring the cremated remains of our loved ones in the first Asatru Cemetery.

December 2023:

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