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Nordvestri Feb 2022 Escapades

The month started off with preparing for Charming of the Plow. We held a small work party to cut down trees that would become monks for our Viking games.

The event itself was beautiful with snow and ice on the ground. The children played in the snow and went sledding until bedtime, it seemed. There were many reconnections between kindreds and people, who haven't seen each other since last Charming. The event was a success! It was so good to see everybody!

Monthly Nordvestri Activities

We held our bi-weekly iron club, one happened to fall a birthday. The whole kindred managed to pull off a surprise party with food and decorations, while still working outs. It was a great time. We also held a kids valentine's day party with games and prizes. Kids had a blast and the iron club followed the party.

A few of our kindred members set out for a work party, where we planted around 100 fruit-bearing trees and dug many holes!

We held our first zoom meeting on Anzus Direct book club. We read through Native European Spirituality together and held a discussion. Great insight was shared. The following week we started the Culture of the Teutons!

There was a lot of information sharing over various topics, the biggest one being about raising baby chicks since a few members currently have chickens and others have decided to become first-time chick owners... so much to learn. Information was also passed around about growing gardens, canning, dog training, harvesting the garden, BBQ, goats, and starting plants from seed.

We are excited for adventures to come as spring gets closer.


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