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Reject the Black Pill

We exist in a world of ruin. The whole system is aligned against you. Your very existence is under threat. Triple parentheses and all that. It’s over, we are done. We can’t win. Our children are to be sacrificed to the monster that has consumed us.

If this is the language of “influencers” you watch, read, pay, subscribe to, I have one word for you. Stop. That’s my advice. Stop.

We may view this age through a fearful lens, we may view it as something to lament. I choose to view it as opportunity. This whole world is rotten to its core. We are indeed in the Wolf Age. The Age of Iron. All of this is true.

I often hear people say, “You all just live in a bubble.” Well, yeah….i suppose we do. Because we aren’t looking fearfully at the ruin of modernity. What we are doing is planting the seeds for a golden age. Politics, people chopping off their reproductive organs, the public school system…. All of this madness might as well be happening in another time, another place. Because inside this “bubble” we are thriving. Couples come into being, children are being born, we have our own homeschooling curriculum, along with 4 Temples dedicated to our Gods. We have 70 acres of raw land dedicated to Tyr. One day some of us will live there, it’ll be the ecclesiastical center of Asatru. While the world is tearing down statues of heroes, we’re erecting statues of heroes.

This is what we are doing to prepare for “the end.”

In fact, we aren’t preparing for the end, no…. We are preparing for the beginning. The beginning of a new world. The beginning of the Golden Age. We’re on the ground floor of this, this beautiful existence. A world that celebrates beauty, strength, that celebrates traditions reaching back to the dawn of our people. We are gathering every week across the country, and in others. We have responded to the beacon of light, by lighting our own! We are lighting a signal fire within that never goes out.

It’s easy to get sucked in by doom porn, “influencers” on whatever platform they spew their fear-based stream of madness. One thing that I’ll challenge them all on … they want to “wake people up.” Well, what happens after this awakening? Not one of these influencers has an answer for that.

That is why I came home to the Asatru Folk Assembly. We are DOING THINGS. Rather than waiting for something to happen. Come, join me in this age of victory. Be in the same bubble with us. Grow, be strong, be confident, be …… normal.

If you are reading this, and you haven’t joined AFA, I ask you why not? When will be a good time? If not you, then who? Be a part of the solution rather than standing on the sidelines. We have Folkbuilders waiting for your application. We have Clergy, ready to answer your questions. Across Midgard we are shouting into the sky, Hailing our Gods. Be one of many voices in that circle.

Go to, click on the Join link. Be a part of something special. Now that you are “awakened”, what will you do?

I know what you should do.

Hail The Gods!

Hail the Folk!

Hail! Hail the Asatru Folk Assembly!

Witan Daniel Young


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