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Starting the Year Out in a Positive Directions in Arizona

This has been an amazing start to 2022. Reflecting on the past year I have watched our community grow as a whole and also here in Arizona. I am absolutely more than grateful for every single person that makes what we do even more important. Every day seems like we are expanding our folk and more people are coming to follow their rightful path.  It is always an honor to stand here in service of our folk and to the gods into the ancestors. I look forward to each and every day into the future. And feeling the energy and firth grow stronger than ever. 

Reflecting on another note my first trip to charming of the plow was an absolute success. I first want to thank everybody who made that possible. Your hard work shows, and we are all grateful. I met so many new people and was overwhelmed with convertibility and Joy. I look forward to next year. And to the many other national events that I will be attending.


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