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Óðinshof  Restoration Project

Óðinshof Is the first Hof dedicated to the Holy Aesir in Thousands of years. When we bought Óðinshof we knew that is was a work in progress, but we saw the beauty and potential in it and knew one day we could make it worthy of the title "Óðinshof". Many beautiful upgrades have been done in the years since we bought the Hof in 2015, but having been built in 1938 and used as a staple in the community it has been well loved and used. It is up to us to ensure this Hof continues to exist for thousands of years to come but this is not possible without nessecary upgrades. in order to fund these nessecary upgrades we have decided to hold quarterly fundraisers and sell exclusive Óðinshof Restoration merchandise. Keep an eye out for updates on the next fundraiser!

     This Quarters Fundraiser

This Quarters Fundraiser is *INSERT NAME OF ITEM HERE* 

Tickets are available for *Price of Ticket*

Please Contact Ashley Stockton at to purchase tickets

Drawing will be on *ENTER DATE AND TIME HERE*

Odinshof Restoration Merch

Odinshof Wishlists

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